Give Your Mac Pro Tower or PC a 6G Performance Boost

Accelsior S is the simple solution to add a high speed SATA 6G drive to PCs or silver Mac Pro towers otherwise restricted to 3G architecture. Combined with a high-performance SSD, Accelsior S brings cutting edge 6G performance to your SATA 3G system.

Mac Pro Inside


With more than 500 MB/s1 of throughput, the Accelsior S dual-lane PCIe 2.0 card delivers flexible storage expansion — with a speed boost — to your Mac or PC. Accelsior S is the perfect compliment to OWC's family of high-performance SSD's, allowing up to an extra 1.0TB of fast storage expansion.

Just Plug and Play

Mount a 2.5-inch drive to the Accelsior S, install in any available PCIe x4 (or greater) slot, and you're up and running with expanded high-speed storage. Use as a native, high-speed, boot drive or scratch-disk and boost capacity and performance. With no drivers or extra software needed, upgrading your PC or legacy Mac Pro tower with Accelsior S is a breeze.

Accelsior S PCIe — SSD