Make New Gains

Using NVMe technology designed for flash memory, Aura P12 gears up your system for media heavy projects or breakthroughs in your favorite hardware-punishing games.  

  • Read speeds up to 3400MB/s1
  • Write speed up to 3000MB/s1
  • Ideal for PCs and external storage
  • Workstation-class productivity
  • High-performance 3D TLC NAND
  • NVMe 1.3 (PCIe 3.1x4)
  • SLC caching for burst performance
  • 7% over provisioning
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Read Write Speed

Ready to Zoom

Aura P12 provides a perfectly optimized blend of speed and reliability features to reach read speeds up to 3400MB/s1, so you can stream high-res video and graphics files without a glitch. With a built-in SLC caching technique, the drive delivers ultra-fast write speeds up to 3000MB/s1 optimized to endure your render queue. 

Inside-Out Versatility

Aura P12 is a versatile SSD that’s at home in an external storage enclosure or on your motherboard. Externally, Aura P12 offers dependable speed and data protection for on-location downloads of large media files. Internally, Aura P12 adds a new performance dimension to your PC that can equate to faster previews, renders, and processing in audio and VFX programs.

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Built to Outlast

Engineered with fail-safes, Aura P12 is optimized for the best and longest working life, especially in write-intensive workflows. From running double checks on data and correcting errors to ensuring the uniform use of its flash media, this SSD is calibrated for endurance as a factory pre-set. 

7% Over Provisioning

Aura PCIe-based flash storage reserves 7% of the overall capacity as free space. Always. With this allocated free space, Aura SSDs can perform these normal maintenance tasks making your drive more stable, dependable, and ultimately a safer place to store your data.

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Service and Support

OWC is proud to introduce Aura P12 to its lineup of industry leading SSDs. Aura P12 is backed by free USA-based lifetime support. Our support teams are available to answer questions, troubleshoot, and help you get the most from your new SSD.