Owc Mercury Helios 3 Rear


PCIe Expansion at the Speed of Thunderbolt 3.

Mercury Helios 3 provides phenomenal throughput up to 40Gb/s. The perfectly simple solution to add high-performance PCIe cards made for video production, transcoding, audio processing, data storage and much more.

Mercury Helios

PCIe Expansion Chassis with Thunderbolt 2 Technology.

Helios combines the expansion potential of PCIe with the high bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 technology, delivering the convenience, power and versatility of almost unlimited expansion capability.

OWC Helios

Introducing Project DEC

Make Your MacBook Pro, Again.

Precision CNC milled from aircraft grade aluminum to 1/1000ths of an inch tolerance, delivering an innovative, patented solution. This solution seamlessly integrates with your MacBook Pro for increased capacity and expanded connectivity far beyond factory capabilities.

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OWC Project DEC