Envoy Pro mini

Full-sized, fast SSD storage that fits in your pocket
This is not your average thumb drive. Elegant, light, and strong, Envoy Pro mini is full-sized desktop-class SSD performance in the ultimate go-anywhere storage companion. It's incredibly fast and perfectly portable for your life on the move.

Big Storage. Big Speeds.
Small Footprint.

Because it's a desktop-class SSD, the Envoy Pro mini is fast – lightning fast. In fact, it's nearly twice as fast as the average thumb drive. Sustained speeds up to 427MB/s mean real-world performance you can depend on. Available in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities, it’s a powerful little workhorse with the time-tested pedigree of the OWC SSD family.

Envoy Pro mini

The Speed and Flexibility You Need.

Unprecedented speed in such a small form-factor sets you free from progress bars and data bottlenecks. Transferring large files, 4K video production, hosting a virtual machine, even booting an entire OS – everything happens quicker with the Envoy Pro mini.

Envoy Pro mini speed and flexibility

Envoy Pro mini

Pro Performance Meets Singular Design.

There's a lot hiding inside Envoy Pro Mini's sleek aluminum body, including the same suite of industry-leading controller technologies as OWC's high-performance desktop-class SSDs. With long-lasting performance you can rely on, the Envoy Pro mini shrinks professional-grade technology into a pocket-sized powerhouse.

Pocket-sized Game Changer

When it comes to life, you like to stay one step ahead of the game. Ever-evolving technology has taught you the importance of quick portability of your important files, from your extensive music collection to that promotion-worthy presentation that will make you the envy of your office. With the Envoy Pro mini, you can be prepared for whatever the world throws your way.

Envoy Pro mini with keys