Professional USB 3.0 Hard Drive with USB Expansion
Mercury Elite Pro with +1 port is the workhorse project drive for creative professionals that delivers an extra USB port for extended connectivity. Now you don’t need to sacrifice a USB port to add external storage. And with a rugged, fanless aluminum chassis, this external powerhouse is at home in any environment.

The Pro Choice

Engineered to meet the needs of creative pros, Mercury Elite Pro with +1 is an outstanding performer on set, in the studio, the edit suite and at home, delivering the speed to master any workflow - up to 219MB/s. Whether you’re an audio professional working with a multi-track session, a photographer editing your latest shoot, or a video editor in post-production, Mercury Elite Pro with +1 is the dependable external drive you can rely on. With seven capacity options from 500GB to 6TB, the Mercury Elite Pro With +1 Port is the right sized drive for any job.

Mercury Elite Pro With USB+1

Trusted by the Pros


“We went with [Mercury Elite Pro] drives because in all my years of being an editor and data manager, they’re the one hard drive I’ve never really had any issues with. They’re always reliable and they’re always giving me the speeds I need them to have."

–David Ward, Editor, Crunch Time

An Extension Of Your Creativity

Mercury Elite Pro with +1 is your dependable workhorse drive, but also plays the role of expansion hub. With a second high power USB 3.0 port, you can add another USB device, including a bus-powered drive, delivering even more flexibility to your workflow.

Mercury Elite Pro With USB+1

Mercury Elite Pro With USB+1

Dedicated to Design

The key to the stylish appearance of Mercury Elite Pro with +1 is its unique design. A fanless, brushed aluminum chassis for maximum heat dissipation keeps your drive running cool and quiet, while shock isolation keeps your drive safe and protected.

Reliability and Support You Can Count On

Like all OWC drives, Mercury Elite Pro with +1 is built to the highest standards of reliability and performance. Because our goal is always 100% reliability, it’s rigorously quality tested, and backed by our 3 year warranty and 24/7 Customer Support.

Mercury Elite Pro With USB+1