Install the hard drives you want, where you want them

The OWC Multi-Mount allows you the freedom to install up to two additional hard drives and/or SSDs into larger drive bays in order to meet your data storage and backup needs. Install a 4.0TB hard drive in your optical drive bay, laptop hard drive in in your full size drive bay, or two solid state drives in your optical drive bay. Check out all our bundle options below, each complete with the necessary mounts, screws, cables and installation instructions.

Designed to keep drives cool and quiet

Made of heat dissipating aircraft grade aluminum brackets, the OWC Multi-Mount's "open air" design provides maximum air flow to keep various combinations of 2.5" and 3.5" attached drives running cool.

By employing unique hard rubber dampeners to cushion the contact between drives and the computer case, the OWC Multi-Mount reduces vibration and noise transferred through the case by mechanical hard drives. Additionally, this "floating rubber suspension" protects drives from impact shocks delivered to the case as well as potentially extending hard drive use life by reducing vibrations that can cause hard drive failure.

Mount Pro

add ANY 2.5" HDD or SSD to your 2009–2012 Mac Pro.

The powder-coated aluminum and open design assists in heat dissipation while the blue color not only looks sharp, but allows you to tell at a glance which bays contain 2.5" form factor drives.