Cross-platform harmony

MacDrive for Windows makes your PC smarter giving you the ability to access Mac-formatted disks directly from Windows, including HFS+ and APFS drives. Whether it is the Mac boot volume, an external drive, or even a RAID set, MacDrive can handle almost any Mac disk you have.

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Maximum speed, maximum protection

SoftRAID for Mac brings technology found only in data centers to your workstation or editing bay. With five different RAID volume levels, SoftRAID has you covered — whether your emphasis is on the safety of your data, the speed of accessing that data, or the best of both. 

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Disk Aware

Quickly find large files and folders taking up your drive space

Finally, identifying large files and folders is simple. No more opening folder after folder. No more looking for the files eating up your drive space. No more getting properties just to see how big a folder is. With Disk Aware’s clever content Wheel and sorted List, navigating to and identifying large files and folders is quick and easy. Disk Aware even makes it easy to delete, move and archive your files.