Aura Pro Nt 2 0 Tb Hero Right

Aura Pro NT

Add up to 16x more capacity with DIY ease

High-Performance NVMe SSD for 2016-2017 MacBook Pro non-Touch Bar

Aura Pro X2

Your Mac. More Space. Twice as Fast.

Keep your Mac running for years with an SSD upgrade for storage, speed, and stamina to rival the latest models. 

Aura Pro X2 Hero
Aura N Straight On

Aura N

Same Mac. More space to play.

Aura N expands your Mac with up to 1TB of internal storage space. Add to your media, games, and apps without picking favorites or worrying about space.

Aura P12


New for PCs and external storage! Gear up your system for media projects and gaming with advanced M.2 NVMe technology.

Aura P12 Hero Right
Aura Pro X Ssd

Aura Pro X

2013 and later MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro.

The gold standard PCIe SSD upgrade for your Mac. Up to 10x the speed, 16x the capacity, and with lower power consumption for longer battery life, the Aura Pro X line of SSDs beats the factory SSD hands down.


Mid-2013 and Later MacBook Air & MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Aura SSDs for mid-2013 and later MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display laptops make the impossible possible. With 480GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity options, now you can upgrade your Mac laptop with a capacity boost up to 8x the original PCIe-based flash SSD.

Extreme Ssd Black

Mercury Extreme Pro 6G

Mercury Extreme Pro is the first choice for pros who need maximum speed. Achieving data rates up to 515MB/s with incompressible files and certified for use in Blackmagic digital film equipment, Mercury Extreme Pro is an indispensable component in any creative professional toolkit.

Mercury Electra 6G

For performance and capacity perfect for everyone, give your Mac the real-world speed advantage of a Mercury Electra 6G. Available up to 2.0TB and capable of sustained speeds over 515MB/s, Mercury Electra 6G delivers performance you can count on.

Mercury Electra 6G SSD
Mercury Electra 3G SSD

Mercury Electra 3G

The best choice SSD for your Mac with SATA 3Gb/s. Whether it's replacing a factory SSD or hard drive in a legacy Mac, or adding a new 2.5-inch SSD to your 3Gb/s system, Mercury Electra 3G offers a fantastic upgrade up to 2.0TB, delivering superior performance and reliability.

Accelsior 1M2


The speed boosting, capacity expanding PCIe NVMe SSD solution for pro content creators, performance enthusiasts, and gamers. Add blazing fast, test-certified performance to your Mac and PC towers in seconds. Impressive bandwidth-heavy video, audio, photography, and design production... only from OWC.

Owc Accelsior 1M2 Blue Hero Left
Accelsior 4M2 Hero Above

Accelsior 4M2

Our Fastest SSD Ever

With NVMe SSDs powering its heartbeat, Accelsior 4M2 offers the fastest data rates — over 6,000MB/s — ever delivered by an OWC SSD. 

Accelsior M

As the industry's first both Mac and PC-bootable, fully supported PCIe card, Accelsior M lets you install the mSATA SSD of your choice for near instant startup and app launching. With a driverless setup, it's truly a plug and play, high-performance solution.

Accelsior M Hero
Accelsior S Hero

Accelsior S

Storage Expansion With a Speed Boost. PCIe to 2.5-inch 6Gb/s SATA SSD Host Adapter. Directly mount any standard 2.5-inch drive with speeds up to 550MB/s. No drivers required.