Thunderblade V4 Right Hero

When performance is everything

  • Data transfer speed up to 2800MB/s
  • Capacities up to 8TB
  • Daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt 3 devices
  • Rugged portability in a sleek design
  • Includes a custom-fit ballistic hard-shell case
  • OWC 3 Year Limited Warranty

More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

In a fast-paced, professional environment, time is money and performance is everything. The success of your project depends on quick data processing and demands performance and efficiency working with uncompressed, high bandwidth content streams.  ThunderBlade V4 delivers the performance to match - capable of unbelievable transfer speeds up to 2800MB/s. And with SoftRAID, two V4s can reach dizzying heights up to 3800MB/s.

Thunderblade V4 Left Hero
Thunderblade Breakaway

At Home on the Road

Designed to be rugged and dependable as well as blazing fast, ThunderBlade V4 is equally at home on the road, on set or in the edit suite. Its compact and tough enough to withstand even the roughest treatment in between locations, and it comes complete with it’s own ballistic hard-shell case for even greater protection. And with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, ThunderBlade V4 fits your workflow daisy-chain perfectly.

Quality You Can Trust

Like all OWC drives, ThunderBlade V4 is built to the highest ‭standards of reliability and performance. Because 100% reliability is always the goal, ThunderBlade V4 is rigorously quality tested, and ‭backed by an OWC 3 year limited warranty and 24/7 customer ‭support.