Mercury Helios

PCIe Expansion Chassis with ThunderboltTM 2 Technology.
Helios combines the expansion potential of PCIe with the groundbreaking bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 technology, delivering the convenience, power and versatility of almost unlimited expansion capability.

Use the PCIe card you need, wherever you need it.

PCIe expansion is no longer the sole domain of the desktop computer. With support for a double-width x16 card, Helios delivers PCIe expansion to any machine with a Thunderbolt interface. Finally, the PCIe slot is available everywhere.

Mercury Helios

Mercury Helios ports

Bring the Studio to Your Workspace.

Now, with the wide array of available professional-grade PCIe cards, Helios brings studio-level functionality to any system equipped with Thunderbolt technology. With 20Gb/s throughput, Helios can handle the most bandwidth-intensive PCIe cards for video ingest, audio production, networking, high speed storage, and countless other specialist workflows.

Daisy Chain and Display Support Means Even More Expansion.

With two Thunderbolt 2 ports, Helios fully supports daisy-chains of Thunderbolt devices, bus-power through to the final device, and even supports high-performance 4K displays.

Mercury Helios / MacBook

Rugged, cool and quiet.

Helios is built on OWC's time-tested aluminum enclosure cooling technology with a "flow-thru" vented chassis and variable-speed fan to run cool and virtually vibration free. Helios automatically powers on and off with your computer, ensuring that it's at the ready whenever you are.